Slark Moan creates rock and roll as a coping mechanism. 

You could call it high tech, low fi, or just low budget but none of that really matters.  

As a multi instrumentalist Moan records music that is unapologetically personal.  He plays almost every instrument on his records in order to imprint his character into an audio sensorial form.

His songs embrace human frailty and reject the mythical ideal self so prevalent in modern society, in an attempt to connect to our forgotten intrinsic vulnerability.  

Slark Moan begrudgingly fumbles through the muck of self fulfilling social media, and shouts above the noise of the media gurus and business wiz kids to convince the universe "I have something to say".

It is a simple message.  

Not a pretentious declaration of enlightenment or a lofty critique of the world in which we all feel alienated.   Instead, it is an attempt at capturing emotions in their raw unaffected state and using them to inspire listeners to find their own truth.  

Truth isn't always pretty.  It isn't always concise.  It can't be thoroughly explained in a four minute song or a buzzy article, but we find glimpses of it in the banality of the Human experience.

Slark Moan goes where many brave souls have gone before him.  He will delve deep into the catacombs of the anthropic condition and come up empty handed.  He will expense many failures to uncover something obvious.  But sometimes the obvious truths are the most profound.  Sometimes the answers lay dormant beneath our feet waiting for inspiration.